What Past Clients Have To Say

"Lauren  is a rare gem, as a real estate broker and most importantly, as a human  being of the first degree! We have utilized Lauren's deep knowledge of  real estate and negotiating skills to assist us through three home  sales/purchases. Being one of the most financially significant  transactions of one's life, it is a joy to work with someone as competent, savvy, reliable and personable as Lauren. Her follow-through  on the myriad of details involved is impeccable. What a blessing for us  that she was willing to broker a deal from her home in California to  assist us once again in Sedona, AZ.! Distance is not a boundary in  today's connected world, but trust is. Trust is THE name of the game.  And Lauren delivers, in spades."  - Diane Kuss, Arizona

"Lauren,  Thanks for all your very professional work, and thanks to your efforts  in staying on top of everything.  Truly your advice was invaluable.   Thanks again for your very professional approach, guidance and counsel.  I can't tell you how much we appreciate your work."  

Brian and Nan M., California

"You  are truly brilliant in your knowledge of the area and the local real  estate market. You bring real estate expertise and honesty to a new  level and we really appreciated your approach." - Dan and Janis B., California

"Lauren,  You helped us through the ups/downs & patiently tolerated all my  analysis. You are a consummate professional who will always go above  & beyond. Perhaps most importantly, you are a friend...you  demonstrate excellent customer service. I know because this is my job.  Your care & pro-active communication set you apart from most &  was/is very truly appreciated."  - Jeff and Kathy Nesler., Minnesota

"In  years of buying and selling maybe two dozen properties, I can truly say  that Lauren is the single best agent we've ever used. We liked a  property she thought was overpriced and she spent hours researching the  comps. We offered $300,000 UNDER the asking price. The owner and real  estate agent laughed at us. Funny thing, two years later and that  overpriced house is still on the market. And every few months the price goes down - again. She saved us from an expensive mistake. If we buy  again, I would start with the best and call Lauren."  - Barry Petersen, Journalist -Tokyo, Beijing, Sedona

"We have more than 25 investment properties and Lauren is THE BEST Real Estate broker we have ever worked with."

David and Charlotte Maggard,  Arizona​

"You  are absolutely the BEST! Thanks for all you do for us! I don't think we  could have done this - being out of state - with anyone other than  you." - Diane K., Retired Real Estate Broker

"Lauren  is one of the only Realtors that I would ever recommend to my clients  who are purchasing a home. She is knowledgeable and works very hard for  her clients; taking time to explain the home buying process, connecting  them with the right experts for their due diligence, and always having  their best interest at heart over a possible commission. It is obvious  she truly cares about her clients and her profession." - Stacey Champion, Champion Indoor Environmental Services 

"Thank  you again for helping us find the house that fit for us. Without you,  putting this all together from out of state would have been quite  difficult. We have both worked with several realtors over the years. We  agree hands down that you are the BEST!"  - Beth R., Colorado

"Lauren  did a great job helping me find my home. She quickly understood what  was important to me in a house, and she helped me sort through dozens of  houses to find the ones that would work. She handled the transaction  flawlessly, and was even understanding when I got cold feet and canceled  the first contract on the house I eventually bought. I would highly  recommend her to anyone looking for a home."

- Richard Holt, Arizona

"Lauren  is by far the best Real Estate agent I've ever worked with. Never  pushy, always pleasant & available with a genuine interest in her  clients. If she hadn't move from Sedona to relocate in California, I  would DEFINITIVELY be using her again! A true gem!"

Josee Woodward, Sedona, AZ

"Thanks Lauren for your hard work! You made the process seamless." - Marlene Rayner, New Hampshire

"Lauren's  the best, she patiently worked with us for 5 months until we found the  house we wanted.  She then negotiated with the seller, found their  bottom line, and the sale was done.  Best Home Buying Experience  Ever!!!!" -  Jim Kautz, Texas

"Lauren  is a bright, quick, and savvy individual with a good sense of humor. I  would recommend her without hesitation. She is extremely attentive,  wise, loyal, and professional." - M. O. Shokeir, MD, FRCP, (C), FCAP, 

"Our  Christmas wish of being together would never have come true without all  of your endless help. We truly appreciate your going the extra mile."  - Dave and Deanna Ericksen

"Lauren, I enjoyed working with you, you did a terrific job. That level of caring and integrity is a joy to see. "

Cathy B, Chicago Title Escrow Agent

"I  know that we would not have been successful in our bid over a higher  bid for this house if the sellers agent didn't like and respect Lauren.  Lauren did well by us, and I knew she would. " - Robert and Margaret Lindsay

"Lauren  went beyond the call of duty and spent a lot of time and personal  attention. She was very helpful regarding recommendations of other  professionals.  Lauren, You're a real pro, I'm glad to have you as my  agent." - Marge Bundy, Real Estate Broker, retired, Illinois

"Lauren  was wonderful. She was knowledgeable, personable, professional, and explained things very clearly. She really advocates for her clients, and  I will highly recommend her services to others." - Amanda Carter, Washington

"Choosing  Lauren to help us find just the right second home for our family turned  out to be the best decision we made in purchasing property. The  relationship starts with Lauren truly listening to what is important to  you. Once she understands this, she works tirelessly until she reaches  her goal in finding what is perfect for you. If you live in another  state as we do, most of the details will happen while you are many miles  away. Lauren's extensive knowledge of every step of the process, her  organization, and proactive attention to every detail are invaluable.  She has an extensive list of the very best contacts and resources which  she puts to use so you can own and enjoy your dream. For Lauren and  fortunately for us, the relationship between agent and client never  ends."

Tracey & Jimmy McGilvray, Florida

"Lauren  understood me. She was kind, helpful, never pushy, and ready to go in a  moments notice...She never gave up hope my wife and I would find our  own home."  - Chad Pepperworth,  Washington