Exclusive Buyer's Brokers in the Press

"Until recently, all residential real-estate agents and brokers represented the sellers. A fact lost on many home buyers. Now, arguing that the traditional arrangement does buyers a tremendous disservice by, for example, jacking up prices and limiting selection - a new breed of brokers has emerged to fend for them." - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

"If you use a buyer's agent, make sure you get one who's genuine... You can find a true buyer's agent only at a firm that does not accept listings" - CONSUMER REPORTS

"Exclusive Agencies Remove Any Conflict of Interest" - KIPLINGER'S CHANGING TIMES

 "Exclusive Buyer's Brokers: Agents that buyers can call their own" -  U.S. NEWS

"You've got to have someone representing you who represents only you," - RALPH NADER

"Though some buyers assume that the agent who shows them a house is on their side, in fact it is just the opposite. Legally, the agent usually represents the seller and is obligated to a broker to represent him or her." - CONSUMER REPORTS

"Question:  Do I need a broker to help me when I’m buying? That depends on how  informed and assertive a buyer you are. Unlike the traditional agent who  looks out for the seller, a buyer-broker acts as your advocate, helping  you find the home you want and then negotiate the lowest possible  price. The best buyer-brokers are so called exclusive agents - that is  they represent only buyers, never sellers" - TODAY’S BEST IDEAS FOR HOME BUYERS AND SELLERS  - MONEY MAGAZINE

"You  can be candid with a buyer broker without fear of aiding the seller; in  turn, buyer brokers will use what they can ferret out about the seller  to your benefit." - US. NEWS & WORLD REPORT


"Even where a dual agent carefully  complies with all of the applicable statutory disclosure and consent  requirements, pitfalls remain. The best option for the dual agent may  be to withdraw from the transaction once he or she realizes there is an irresolvable conflict of interest. However, the Department has seen that  some agents may be unwilling to do so if it requires forfeiting their  commission."  - CA DEPT. OF REAL ESTATE BULLETIN, Fall 2007

"Don't  ever buy a property directly from the listing broker. Having your own  agent will help you get the best price and terms. It won't increase your  costs, because your agent shares the commission with the listing  broker. This percentage amount is previously determined in the listing  agreement and will be paid according to that agreement, usually from the  escrow when the sale closes." - Hume Publishing's SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE INVESTING

"Exclusive  buyer's agents work only for consumers and often can save them money –  and they don't cost more to hire...exclusive buyer's agents are not tied  to any particular property or agency, so they will show buyers any  home, even those for sale by owner." -  LOS ANGELES TIMES